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The specialists at Mountain States Eye Center can handle any eye emergency.

No matter your age, it’s important to have an eye doctor that you can rely on. Don’t let your eye health suffer because you’re hesitant to visit an ophthalmologist. If you’re on the hunt for quality eye care, turn to Mountain States Eye Center. Our comprehensive ophthalmology practice uses only state-of-the-art practices and equipment. Dr. Corey A. Miller, our ophthalmologist, provides all of his patients a huge range of ophthalmic services. Each member of our friendly and experienced staff is ready to bring excellent eye care services to the citizens of Murray, UT.

Our Services

Here’s a brief overview of the many services we can provide you and your family:

  • Routine Eye Exams: Our office provides comprehensive, general eye exams for all of our patients. An array of tests will be performed, such as assessing visual acuity, refraction and checking for potential eye diseases.
  • Cataract: Cataracts occur when your eye’s natural lens becomes clouded. This affects over half of all Americans over 65. At Mountain States Eye Center, we have performed thousands and thousands of cataract surgeries and would love the opportunity to help you see better. Cataract surgery involves breaking up and suctioning out the cloudy lens that’s impairing your vision and replacing it with a new, artificial lens.
  • LASIK: LASIK surgery is a common surgery for vision correction. It uses a femtosecond laser to cut a small flap in the cornea in order to access the tissue underneath. The tissue is reshaped with an excimer laser and the corneal flap is replaced. This is an extremely safe and common procedure to eliminate near-sightedness (myopia), far-sightedness (hyperopia), or astigmatism. Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) is similar to LASIK, but instead of a flap being created, the front surface cells of the eye are gently brushed off and the tissue is reshaped with the same excimer laser used in LASIK.
  • Corneal Transplant: When a patient’s cornea becomes cloudy or misshapen, we recommend a corneal transplant. A traditional transplant includes replacing the whole damaged cornea with a healthy one from a human donor. For certain conditions, like Fuchs corneal dystrophy or pseudophakic bullous keratopathy (swelling after cataract surgery), we can do a partial thickness transplant and just replace the back layer. This partial thickness transplant (DMEK) is state of the art.

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Are you still not convinced that we can help you? Don’t take it from us. Take a look at our many positive testimonials. Whether you need a run of the mill eye checkup or LASIK or cataract surgery, think of Mountain States Eye Center as your one shop stop. Contact us at (801) 277-1087 to book your appointment today.