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Comprehensive Eye Exams in Murray, Utah

Routine eye exams are an important part of overall healthcare in order to prevent vision loss and other health related issues. At Mountain States Eye Center, we serve Murray and the surrounding cities with comprehensive routine eye exams and eye care. Many people prefer to skip eye exams because they’ve had a vision screening at work or school. Vision screenings are a good indicator for visual acuity, which measures how far you can read letters from a specific distance. But, vision screenings do not check for eye health. A comprehensive eye exam from a licensed ophthalmologist will not only check your visual acuity but will also assess your overall eye tissue and blood vessels for damage from diabetes, signs of a stroke, high blood pressure and more.

Diabetic Eye Exams in Murray, UT

Eye exams are especially important for people with diabetes. High blood sugar levels can be hard to control, and they can damage the delicate vessels in the eye. Damage from high blood sugar levels can include: thickened blood vessels in the eye, leaking blood vessels in the eye, clots and growths. Macular Edema, which is fluid build-up in the eye, can starve the retina of blood and cause defective blood vessels to form. Defective blood vessels are fragile and can hemorrhage, scar, and cause the retina to separate from the eye, resulting in permanent blindness.

In order to look for the signs and symptoms of early diabetic retinopathy, it may be necessary for your ophthalmologist at Mountain States Eye Center to perform more comprehensive tests than a normal eye exam. This could include dilating your pupils and examining them with a slit lamp, which is a special light. If the doctor feels like further testing is necessary, they may recommend that.

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Whether you’re diabetic or have a clean bill of health, it’s important to have routinely scheduled eye exams with an experienced professional. For the best healthy eye exams, diabetic eye exams and diabetic retinopathy treatment in Murray, UT, contact the professionals at Mountain States Eye Center at (801) 277-1087. Get back to enjoying your life and see your future a whole lot clearer.