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Eye Exams for Salt Lake City

Regular eye exams are an essential part of your overall health. In order to prevent vision loss and other health issues, it’s important to have routine eye exams. At Mountain States Eye Center, we service Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas with comprehensive eye exams. Even if you’ve had a vision screening at work or school, you should still have your eyes examined by a professional. Vision screenings are usually just visual acuity tests that have you identify the smallest letters you can read. A comprehensive eye exam completed by our ophthalmologist will not only check your visual acuity but will also examine the health of your entire eye and the surrounding vessels and tissue to check for diabetes, high blood pressure, signs of stroke and other health issues.

Eye Exams to Check for Diabetic Retinopathy

When you have health issues like diabetes, it’s important to have routine eye exams. When you have diabetes, blood sugar levels can be difficult to control. High levels of sugar in the blood can damage the delicate blood vessels in the eye, causing them to thicken, leak, develop clots, close off or develop growths. Fluid can accumulate in the retinas, known as macular edema, and can starve the retina of blood, causing defective vessels to form. These fragile and defective blood vessels can cause hemorrhages, scar tissue, and separation of the retina, which can lead to permanent blindness.

Some of the signs and symptoms of early diabetic retinopathy cannot be seen during a regular exam, so it may be necessary to complete more comprehensive testing. The doctor may dilate your pupils with eye drops and examine your retinas with a slit lamp, a special light. If he needs a closer look at the vessels in your eyes, it may be necessary to complete other tests.

Keep Your Eyes Healthy with Mountain States Eye Center

Routine eye exams are an easy way to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear. For more information about healthy eye exams or eye exams for diabetic retinopathy, contact the professionals at Mountain States Eye Center at (801) 277-1087. Our doctor is a board certified, fellowship-trained ophthalmologist who specializes in providing comprehensive eye care for patients of all ages. We provide routine eye exams, corneal treatment and transplant, cataract surgery, LASIK, glaucoma treatment, glasses and contact lenses, and much more!