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Glasses Exams near Murray, UT

For those with more serious eye problems, the ophthalmologist, Dr. Miller, at Mountain States Eye Center is available to prescribe eyeglasses and contacts. We conduct routine eye exams for patients of all ages and test for visual acuity. When our patients schedule regular glasses exam visits, we can notice patterns and changes in their vision that will help us prescribe the best treatment. With the accurate prescription you get from Mountain States Eye Center, you can find glasses at the store or online provider of your choice.

In addition, we also provide in-office fittings for soft and gas-permeable hard contacts. Though our clinic does not sell prescription eyeglasses, we can provide you and your entire family with contacts.

Refractions for Eyeglasses

In order to get the best prescription glasses for your needs, we conduct eye exams. Also called refractions for eyeglasses, our exams determine your true prescription with a series of tests. Based on your results in the autorefractor and vision chart tests, we can determine whether you have near or far-sightedness, astigmatism or more serious vision problems. After your exam, you’ll receive a new prescription for eyeglasses that can be taken to any retailer.

World-Class Eye Care near Murray, UT

For everyday or more serious vision issues, come to Mountain States Eye Center. Our highly trained vision specialists and ophthalmologist are ready to help you get the best prescription glasses available. Our accurate exams leave your world clearer and more comfortable. Located between Murray and South Salt Lake City, UT, Mountain States Eye Center is easy to find anywhere in the area. Call us to book an appointment or ask any questions at (801) 277-1087 today.