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Mountain States Eye Center offers Glasses Exams near Sandy

If you have advanced vision issues, it can be hard to find a reliable clinic that meets your needs. When you need a glasses exam, call Mountain States Eye Center for medical care and prescription eyeglasses exams. Our ophthalmologist Dr. Miller provides the best treatment near Sandy, UT for anyone with common or advanced vision issues. Depending on your vision problems, driving, working and other activities can be dangerous without the proper prescription. Many patients find that they’ve been over or under-prescribed by other clinics – not at Mountain States Eye Center. Our Salt Lake City clinic is just a quick drive from Sandy, UT. So book an appointment with us at (801) 277-1087 today to see the difference.

Regularly scheduled prescription glasses exams ensure that our ophthalmologist can catch any trouble early and recognize patterns in your vision. Every patient who walks into Mountain States Eye Center receives an accurate prescription from our exams to get the best glasses and contacts available. Along with eyeglasses prescriptions, we sell soft and gas-permeable hard contacts. With the prescription you get from Mountain States, you can get glasses from any retailer in Sandy or anywhere online.

Refractions for Glasses

We aim to pair you with the best new prescription for your eyeglasses. Through our refraction process, we use distance and focus to determine how your eyes work without aid. With the aid of our autorefractor and vision chart technology, we can diagnose near or far-sightedness, astigmatism or other problems. This exam gives us an accurate picture of what you need to see correctly and comfortably.

Quality Eye Care near Sandy UT

At Mountain States Eye Center, we treat patients of all needs and ages. Located in Salt Lake City, we’re only a short drive away from the Sandy, UT area. Our ophthalmologist and staff work thoroughly and carefully to ensure you get the right prescription. Schedule a visit with us or call in with questions at (801) 277-1087 today.