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Prescription Glasses in Salt Lake City, UT

Get glasses prescriptions in Salt Lake City.

When you need contacts or glasses to go about your day, it’s important to make sure they meet all your vision needs. For those with more serious eye conditions, it can be difficult to find the right prescription. The ophthalmologist at Mountain States Eye Center provides prescriptions for contacts and glasses for patients across the area. Call us today at (801) 277-1087 to schedule an exam.

Glasses Prescriptions

Your glasses are more than a fashion statement, they frame the way you see the world. Mountain States Eye Center provides glasses exams and provides eyeglasses prescriptions to patients across the Salt Lake City area. After you come in for an exam, we provide you with a prescription valid for eyeglasses at retailers in Salt Lake or online.

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Whether you want contacts or glasses, it’s important to see clearly. Get an accurate prescription from Mountain States Eye Center by calling (801) 277-1087 to book an appointment with our talented staff.