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Glaucoma Management for Salt Lake City, UT

The leading cause of blinding and visual impairment in the United States, glaucoma is a group of diseases that cause damage to the optic nerve. This can be a result of the following:

  • Increased pressure within the eye
  • Severe eye infection
  • Injury
  • Blocked blood vessels
  • Inflammatory conditions of the eye

Glaucoma affects people of all ages, many of which don’t experience any symptoms. In fact, many people don’t realize that they have glaucoma until it’s too late.

Diagnosing Glaucoma

There are two dominant types of glaucoma—open-angle and angle-closure. Open-angle, the most common type of glaucoma, occurs when fluid in the eye doesn’t properly drain through the trabecular meshwork. Angle-closure, on the other hand, involves a sudden buildup of pressure in the eye and poor drainage. This occurs because the angle between the iris and the cornea is too narrow.

Some patients may experience symptoms of either type of glaucoma as it progresses. Others don’t realize they have glaucoma until they go to their routine eye exam. The best ways to diagnose glaucoma is through tonometry (checking eye pressure), fundus exams and a visual field test from Mountain States Eye Center.

Treating Glaucoma

Treatment should begin as soon as glaucoma is diagnosed. This will help minimize the risk of permanent vision loss. Unfortunately, there is no cure for glaucoma. Because of this, treatment from Mountain States Eye Center focuses on relieving symptoms while preventing any more damage. Glaucoma is commonly treated with eye drops or laser treatments. Our professionals will determine what form of treatment works best for you, based on the severity of your condition. If you are in need of a more invasive surgery, our professionals will refer you to a capable glaucoma specialist.

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