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Contact Lenses in Salt Lake City

Prescription contact lenses in Salt Lake City, UT purchased at Mountain States Eye Center

Meeting your vision needs should not be difficult in Salt Lake City. Whether it’s an easy to fill prescription or a more serious eye condition, let Mountain States Eye Center take care of your contact lenses. Our ophthalmologist can not only diagnose your vision issue, but he can also provide you with the best corrective lenses for your needs. From types of lenses to different brands, renewal options and renewal requirements, let the specialist at Mountain States Eye Center be your first choice for purchasing your contacts.

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contacts are the most popular form of corrective lenses on the market today. Due to the soft, flexible, breathable plastic they are made from, soft contacts are easy to wear. Soft lenses come in long-term options, as well as monthly and daily disposable contacts. Soft contact lenses work well for those with near or far-sightedness or astigmatism. Consult with our experts to determine which option will be the best for your sight, budget, and routine.

Gas Permeable (GP) Lenses

Gas Permeable or GP lenses fit closer to the eye, making vision sharper. However, being made from a rigid plastic, they are not as instantly comfortable to wear as soft lenses. GP lenses allow your cornea to breath during wear, which is essential for optimal eye health. Due to the rigidity of GP lenses, there is not as much long-term change to the shape of the wearer’s eyes as soft contact lenses experience. GP lenses are also more durable, leave fewer deposits, so they do not need to be replaced as often as soft lenses might.

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To help find which kind of contact lenses are best for your needs, soft or gas permeable, set up an appointment today with one of our ophthalmologists. If you have a current prescription needing to be filled, call (801) 277-1087 today.