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Glaucoma Eye Surgery Near Provo, UT

Glaucoma prevention is key because once it develops it can damage the optic nerve and the effects are irreversible. If you suffer from this condition, Mountain States Eye Center is here to provide glaucoma eye surgery because it is a serious disease that can cause blindness. Our clinic near Provo, UT, provides eye tests to properly offer a diagnosis and treat it as soon as possible. You can manage or slow down the symptoms with help from our certified and experienced ophthalmologists. Come to us for a consultation and we will help you detect the type of glaucoma you might have.

We always start by testing the eyes for glaucoma, so we can see if you have one of the following:

  • Closed-angle: This form of glaucoma can have a gradual or sudden onset, which can include blurred vision, pain, nausea and dilated pupils.
  • Normal tension: While it’s less common, this form is related to arterial hypotension.
  • Open-angle: More commonly, patients will slowly develop this kind of glaucoma. Although you won’t generally experience pain, you’re at risk for vision loss.

Glaucoma Eye Test and Treatments

It’s important to get a glaucoma eye test if you have blurred vision and any pain or nausea. When you receive a diagnosis, you should begin treatment quickly in order to reduce the chance of losing your vision permanently. While there is no cure, glaucoma can be managed by alleviating symptoms. Prevent further damage with treatments such as microsurgery, laser, or eye drops.

Our ophthalmologist will check the severity of your eye condition, so we can treat it the right way.

  • Microsurgery: Reduce pressure from the eye by draining fluid with a trabeculectomy. If medication and laser procedures don’t work, then surgical procedures are the next step./li>
  • Laser surgery: Release fluid blockages from the eye with laser trabeculoplasty, iridotomy, or cyclophotocoagulation./li>
  • Prescription eye drops: Drain excess fluid buildup by reducing the production of fluid in the front of the eye.

Contact Our Glaucoma Doctor Today

Glaucoma prevention is the best course of action but there are ways to manage it once it sets in. Turn to Mountain States Eye Center for a consultation with our eye doctor who can test your eyes. We’re a leading clinic that offers glaucoma eye surgery to prevent further damage and help manage the symptoms you may be experiencing. Get in touch with us at (801) 277-1087 to schedule an appointment for a consultation.